Review: Jada Jones Great for Beginner Chapter Readers

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For my first review, I decided to write about the Jada Jones books by Kelly Starling Lyons.

The books are Jada Jones: Rock Star and Jada Jones: Class Act.

Jada Jones: Rock Star is about a girl who is sad that her best friend has moved away and she’s afraid she will not make new friends. But when her fourth grade starts learning about rocks and minerals, she hopes it means she will become friends with her project partners. It’s not as easy as she thinks because one of her partners seems grouchy and doesn’t care about the project. This book is about friendship. I think a lot of people can relate to it if they’ve ever had a friend who was in a different class or ever had trouble making friends.

Jada Jones: Class Act is the sequel.

In this book, Jada Jones is excited to be running for student council class representative, but one thing is troubling her. She has stage fright and she has to give a speech in front of the whole fourth grade. She really wants to be on student council, but when people find out that she’s scared to give a speech, she thinks no one will vote for her. This book is about learning to overcome your fears. I think a lot of kids can understand what it feels like to be afraid or shy.

I would recommend Jada Jones for anyone starting to read chapter books. The chapters are really short and the print is big. Also, there are lots of pictures.

I really liked the books because I have a LOT in common with Jada. We are both in fourth grade. We both like to read and collect rocks.  We both gave speeches to get elected to student council and both have brothers in kindergarten. We also both like wearing braids with beads. My cousin’s name is also Jada! As you can imagine, I give the books four out of four roses!

Kelly Starling Lyons has also written picture books such as: Ellen’s Broom, Hope’s Gift and Tea Cakes for Tosh. I’ve read them all, but there are still more of her books that I hope to read.




  1. Hi Elena, I liked your review and why books on diversity are important to you. I feel the same way too. Have you read Princeless yet? It’s a comic book but comes in graphic novel form. What about Cleopatra in Space? I hope you like them, my fifth grade daughter does.

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    1. I have not read those, but I can finish graphic novels really fast. I am adding Cleopatra in Space to my list. I hope you keep reading my blog and share suggestions with your daughter!


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