Review: The Magic Of Melwick Orchard Is A Book You’ll Want To Savor

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I usually read books on paperback or hardcover, but Rebecca Caprara, the author of  The Magic of Melwick Orchard sent me a digital copy of her book, which is going to be released next month.

She said the book has “strong female characters” and it “explores socio-economic diversity” because the main character’s family struggles with money problems because of medical bills. I promised Rebecca Caprara an honest review. This is it:

The Magic of Melwick Orchard is about a girl named Isabel who finds a magical tree in her backyard. The tree helps her learn life lessons, like not to be greedy, and to take care of all living things. This book is also about Isabel’s relationship with her sister named Junie. Isabel and Junie love each other so much and, in the book, Isabel once skipped school and instead went to the hospital to see her sister, who has been diagnosed with cancer. It made me wonder what it would be like to have a sister.

I loved this book because it was very descriptive. The author described the scenery so well, I could believe I was there if I had my eyes closed. I also liked the book because of all of the morals and meaningful messages. The author did a good job making up morals to the story and making them in a creative kind of way.  When I found out the secret of the tree, I started reading this book slower because I wanted to savor it, and for it never to end.

I recommend this book to readers who like fantasy and adventure. This book is basically all that. It is also good for readers who like a book that will take them off into a new world, a magical one. I am taken into a different world lots of times reading books.

You really have to get this book. It is really good!

I give The Magic of Melwick Orchard 4 out of 4 roses!




    1. Hi. Thank you for reading my review. The book is a middle-grade book, so for like kids ages 8-14. I hope you get it. It is really good. It goes on sale on September 1.


  1. Since this was your first digital book, which format do you prefer? Digital or the actual book? What do you think are the pros and cons of each format?

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  2. I prefer an actual book. I like digital because on the device I was reading, there was an option for the book to be read to you, so that was cool. Another pro is you can change the font size or change the color of the pages. A con is the screen is so bright and it takes a long time to find where the bookmark is. For an actual book, a con is sometimes the pages rip or get dirty. A pro is that I enjoy it more because I like to feel the book in my hands. And I feel like it is more enjoyable when you read it in book form.


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