Review: Words Are Used As A Superpower in May Saves The Day

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May Saves The Day, by Laura Gehl, is a book that will help kids realize that teamwork makes the dream work.

This book is about a young girl named May, who is the founder of Word Saver, Inc. which is a self-run company where she’s asked to save the world every day, with the help of her bag of letters. May is known for turning unsafe or dangerous things into harmless, and sometimes funny, objects. For instance, when a huge SNAKE was in a classroom full of students, she turned it into a SNEAKER – using the power of letters. I think it’s a cool power. Young readers may think it’s cool, too, and could try to think of some ways they could pretend to use May’s superpower.

May usually works alone, so when a boy named Stu wants to be her sidekick, May declines…until she’s stuck with a problem she can’t solve on her own.

This book is for young readers, but even older readers or adults can relate to this story. Of course, it’s fine to be independent, but sometimes we need someone to lend a hand when times get tough.

The illustrations by Serena Lombardo are super cute. Additionally, I loved the diversity in this book. May is a brown-skinned girl and Stu uses a wheelchair. It’s important to show these protagonists because someone like May or Stu may see themselves in the book and know they deserve to be written about.

I would recommend this book to readers five to eight, or for elementary teachers looking for a good book to put on their classroom bookshelves. But really, anyone should read this unique spin on a superhero!

Four out of four roses, this is such a fun and different read!

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