Why I Want to Review Diversity Books

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I read books about all sorts of things. It could be animals. It could people. It could even be a book about food that talks, like Arnie the Doughnut.

Lately, my favorites include A Wrinkle in Time, Brown Girl Dreaming, Walk Two Moons and The Velveteen Rabbit. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

I like to learn about people of all races who live anywhere in the world. I really like the feeling I get when I read books about people who look like me or share my heritage. It makes me feel important.

That’s one reason I want to review diversity books. Another reason is because we have a collection of them in our house. My parents get so excited when they see books with people who like like our family.  I want to tell others about them because sometimes they are not as popular. I know this because often my friends have never heard of what I’m reading.

I will be reviewing books like Brown Girl Dreaming, about a young girl who is trying to reach her goal of becoming a writer like me. Or Cora Makes Pancit, about a girl learning to make the delicious noodle dish my Filipino grandmother used to make.  I will review  books like Wonder, about a boy who is bullied because he looks different and books about holidays and cultural traditions I don’t celebrate, like How I Saved Hanukkah.

Do you have a suggestion for me? I hope to hear from you!


  1. Wish Tree by Katherine Applegate, Dash by Kirby Larsen and anything by Kwamee Alexander. I also recommend following @thelivbits on Twitter and @mrschureads on Twitter


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