Review: Shmulik Paints the Town is a Colorful Read

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I read this book called Shmulik Paints the Town, by Lisa Rose. (I got it signed!)

It is about a man named Shmulik who is an excellent painter. But when the mayor asks him to paint the park walls in honor of the Jewish holiday Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Shmulik’s mind goes blank! He can’t think of any ideas for what to paint. He only has one week to get the job done and he keeps procrastinating. When the holiday arrives, the wall is still blank! What will Shmulik do?

I liked this book because it has real events in it, like Shabbat and Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Yom Ha’Atzmaut is a day many Jewish people in Israel will celebrate on Wednesday this week. You can compare it to our Fourth of July. Sometimes there are paintings or murals to celebrate their Independence Day, which is why the mayor in Shmulik Paints the Town asked Shmulik to paint the park walls.

This book has a few Hebrew words in it, too. I learned that todah rabah means thank you and challah is a special bread.

I was really surprised on how Shmulik painted the wall. (Lisa Rose gives you clues in the book and so do the colorful pictures.) The illustrations are very interesting because every page has lots of color.

This book is a great gift for anyone, especially because of the surprise ending. I gave copies to my friends Savannah and Mallory for their birthdays. Mallory’s dad read Shmulik Paints the Town when he was the mystery reader in her class. Everyone loved it!

I recommend this book to Jewish kids because they might understand the traditions and maybe even learn something new like I did.

Lisa Rose has also written two e-books, Oh no! The Easter Bunny is Allergic to Eggs! and Oh no! The Tooth Fairy has Broken her Wings!  I think she might write another book, too. Be back on my blog on Thursday for her interview!

I give this book 4/4 roses!



  1. Hi Elena, Ii this book is not in our Forest Media Center, we should ask Mrs. E to order it! She is always looking for books to expand on the diversity collection.

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