Review: Ahimsa Tells Story Of India’s Freedom Fighters Through Eyes of 10-year-old Girl

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Ahimsa, by Supriya Kelkar, is a book about a 10-year-old girl named Anjali living in the 1940s in India, when the British were ruling the country. A freedom fighter named Gandhi wants a member from each family to help fight against the British, using ahimsa, or nonviolence.

Anjali hopes her father does not join because she knows how dangerous it could be. But it turns out her mother will be helping Gandhi, not Anjali’s dad. While Anjali’s mother is helping to stop the British, Anjali has to learn how to be brave during hard times, especially when her mother goes to jail.

I really enjoyed this book because I liked Anjali’s character. She is outgoing, kind and empathetic. I also liked the messages in the book: Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, always be brave, and that you can fight for something without violence.

I also learned a few things about India’s movement against the British, and about the Hindu and Muslim war that followed.

This book is for people who like stories about strong girl characters like Anjali and her mother.  Also, I recommend this book to readers who like a story with a good message.

It gets four out of four roses!



  1. Elena, were you surprised that Anjali’s mother was the one who went to “fight” against the British? Can you think of some women in US history who also used nonviolent means to “fight” against oppression?


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