Review: Who Is Aretha Franklin? Details The Life Of The Queen Of Soul

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I just finished this book called Who Is Aretha Franklin? by Nino Medina. It is about famous singer Aretha Franklin, her life, her music, everything. She died earlier this month and her funeral is today in Detroit and I’m going to watch it on TV.

The book had some really cool and fun facts, like that she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 and that she taught herself to play piano. She recorded her first album when she was 14 and has had lots of hits since then. In the book, a whole chapter is about the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T. My parents have been listening to the Aretha Franklin Tribute station so I have heard her music. I like her voice and my favorite song she sings is Amazing Grace.

One surprising thing in the book was that she had a baby when she was 13! I was confused about this at first, so my Mom had to explain it to me.

I loved this book because it talked a lot about Aretha’s life as a singer. It’s cool how one day she was singing a solo in front of church, then one day she had a hit song.

This book is perfect for kids who may be in second grade or older because it is not very challenging. I recommend this book to readers who like to sing and want to become a singer when they grow up! Maybe Aretha Franklin will inspire them to become the King or Queen of Soul. (That’s what you call singers who are VERY good at singing, like Aretha).

The book is a part of the Who Was Series, a series that explains all about famous people. There is also a TV show called The Who Was? Show on Netflix. I really like having a visual aid helping me learn about famous people, but reading the books is fun, too.

give this book four out of four roses. 



  1. It didn’t really talk about the work she did during the Civil Rights Movement, but it did explain that the song “Respect” became an anthem during in the 1960s because of the civil rights movement. And “Amazing Grace” was released after several important Civil Rights leaders had been killed. 😦


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