Review: Fireboat Shares How the John J. Harvey Helped During 9/11

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Seventeen years ago, on this day, two airplanes crashed into what used to be known as the Twin Towers. The John J. Harvey fireboat helped firefighters get water so they could stop fires that started after the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. It took four days and four nights to get the fires under control!

Fireboat, a book by Maria Kalman, is about the John J. Harvey fireboat, which first set sail in 1931, ready to fight the fires. This fireboat was the largest, fastest, and shiniest one in New York City and it came out of retirement to help on 9/11.

My Mom bought Fireboat when she visited The National September 11 Memorial & Museum. It is a good book to explain to children how people helped on 9/11. Yesterday, I reviewed another book, nine, ten: A September 11 Story, which told about the attacks from the perspective of four diverse middle school students.

I liked Fireboat because the author really helped me visualize the story, as if I was really there. This story really felt real to me. I also enjoyed this book because it helped me understand the firefighters’ job on 9/11. I’m glad they were able to put out the fires.

I give it 3 out of 4 roses.



  1. I remember being with your mom in the memorial when we bought that book! You were still so little – and I didn’t have Mallory yet or I would have gotten a copy too. Might have to check this one out!

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