Guest Blog: Imagination Is Central Theme In Zoe In Wonderland

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Note from Elena Reads: My friend Langston J., age 9, read this book and is sharing his thoughts today. I’ve read it and think it is really good also! Here is his review:

I read Zoe In Wonderland By Brenda Woods. This is one of the books I am reading for the Battle of the Books competition at my school.

The main character is Zoe. And through the story Zoe has a imaginary form of herself called Imaginary Zoe. Imaginary Zoe is this awesome character who is good at almost everything and she is very smart. Zoe faces many problems in the story with “her best friend friend” Quincy, her sister Jade and her brother Harper.  And Imaginary Zoe keeps  popping up to help her through the story. 

This is a very good book I hope you have a chance to read it.

I like this book because I have a connection with Zoe because I use my imagination in many ways, too.  

I would recommend this book for kids 7-11 years old.

I rate this book four roses.


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