Review: If Kids Ran The World Focuses On Peace, Kindness, Dreams For The Future

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It’s Multicultural Children’s Book Day! This is my kind of holiday because the day is all about bringing attention to diverse children’s books. This is basically what my blog is all about.

Today I reviewed If Kids Ran the World and it’s by Leo and Diane Dillon. From the moment you pick up this book, you will know it’s about celebrating diversity.

The book enlightens the reader about what would happen if kids were in charge of the world. For instance, the authors write that there would be more peace and more fun. They said that if kids ran the world, young people would make sure everyone would have enough to eat, and anyone could wear whatever they wanted and would not be teased.

I liked that the authors pointed out the fact that if kids ruled the world—there would be more kindness and harmony. They showed that through the pictures. My favorite photo is the one where they are all together looking at the sunset.  One guy is wearing a turban, a girl is wearing a hijab and another is wearing a kimono. A woman is wearing an African dress and a one boy is wearing a yarmulke, but even though they look different and are dressed differently, they are still all kind to each other. (See below.)

I agree with the authors because even though some kids can be mean, I think they learn it from adults.  For example, when Ruby Bridges was a kid, a white boy told her his mom said he couldn’t play with her because she is black. Maybe some parents who are mean to people end up having children who are mean to people and BAM! The domino effect!

But if kids ran the world and were nice and welcoming, then maybe their children would grow up to be the same.

I really enjoyed this book because of the tone of the book. It was a playful tone, and it made it more fun to read. Also, the photos showed in a kid’s world that anyone would be welcome.

I recommend this book to kids who one day want to rule the world. This book might inspire them. I’d say this age level is five to seven.

It earns three out of four roses.



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