Review: Lily Brown’s Paintings Encourages Imagination

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Looking for a relaxing bedtime story? I recommend reading this book, Lily Brown’s Paintings by Angela Johnson, with pretty pictures by E.B. Lewis. In this book, the narrator describes a little girl who loves to paint.  She is very imaginative and will inspire others to dream big.

Lily loves to paint. Sometimes when she paints, the sunlight turns to stars. Or maybe she visits the wild-animal living room. Whatever it is, she’s not afraid to let her imagination run wild.

I liked this book because it showed it’s okay for kids to be kids. Some adults don’t like it when kids use their imagination, but it can help them believe in the impossible and it can help boost self-esteem because it allow

I recommend this book to readers ages 5+. This is also a good book for the 1000 books Before Kindergarten program.

This book was pretty good. It gets three out of four roses!






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  1. Elena, it’s curious you wrote that some adults don’t like it when kids use their imaginations. Why would that be the case? Imagination is how we progress and is how inventions are born. Everyone, at any age, should treasure an imaginative spirit!


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