Review: Bud, Not Buddy Takes Readers On An Emotional Adventure

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If a boy you know doesn’t enjoy reading, maybe he hasn’t found the right book. Bud, Not Buddy might be the right one!

This book by Christopher Paul Curtis is an adventure tale of a boy in search of his long-lost father. Bud Caldwell is kind of like your average 10-year-old. He is kind of immature like some boys and he’s pretty lovable, even to girls. In the book, he proves he’s also very brave when he runs away from his foster parents to find his biological father.

When he finally gets the answer to the question that he has wanted to know the truth to all these years, its bringing carries a bittersweetness of happiness, sorrow and confusion.

I loved this book because of its foreshadowing. During some chapters, I would stop and think, wait, there was a reference to that earlier! I like that kind of writing style and might use it in my own books someday. Also, I enjoyed the adventure in the book; it was a nail-biting ride. 

It was also cool that there was a reference to Bud meeting a girl named Deza Malone, who is the main character of another book I reviewed, The Mighty Miss Malone, also by Christopher Paul Curtis.

This book has a catchy title and it is so good that it won the Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award.

I recommend Bud, Not Buddy to ages 8 to 12. Readers who like the book Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin might have interest in Bud, not Buddy. They both are adventure stories of boys who ran away in search of something.

This book was great! I give it 4 out of 4 roses!



  1. Elena, than you for explaining foreshadowing, I agree it’s a great technique to draw a reader into a book. When you write, do you ever pick a technique and just decide to practice it by including it in your writing?

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  2. I do! Recently, I used foreshadowing in a story. And sometimes I use suspense. For instance, at the end of a chapter, I might use it to keep the reader interested.


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