Review: Kat Greene Comes Clean Dives Into A Girl’s Messy Life

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Fifth-grader Kat Greene has a few problems: First, her mom has a weird obsession with cleaning and even goes to the grocery store with wipes to clean the cans before buying them! Second, she is frustrated that instead of getting the lead in the class production of Harriet the Spy, she has to be the Boy in the Purple Socks. Third, her best friend has a crush on a boy named Michael, but Michael likes Kat instead. So now, Halle is mad at Kat.

This is all happening in the book Kat Greene Comes Clean by Melissa Roske. (Check my blog Thursday for my interview with this author.)

The book showed that even kids go through hard times. For instance, Kat’s parents are divorced, she’s worried about her mom, her friend hates her and she has a few other problems going on in her life.

It’s crazy how much this 11-year-old girl has to go through and it’s awesome how she fixed all her problems. Reading this was like being on a roller coaster because there were a lot of ups and downs. My emotions also changed throughout the book. I was sad for some of it, then I was mad, then I was excited! In the end, I really adored Kat. I like how she is a strong go-getter and solves problems on her own instead of relying on an adult. She also is very empathetic and cares about others.

I recommend this book to people who like the book Pippi Longstocking. Like Pippi, Kat is independent and puts other people before herself. I also recommend this book to people who’ve read Harriet the Spy, because Kat is also a bit like Harriet.

This book was really good! I rate it 4 out of 4 roses.



  1. Elena- Kat seems like a very complex character. I know at the age, it’s important to be independent and learn steps to solving your own problems. But, were there ever any instances in the book where you think it would have been better for her to talk to a trusted adult instead? Since you and Kat are similar ages, did you agree with how she worked things out?

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  2. Definitely. When Kat met the psychologist and later realized that she needed a little help understanding what her mom was going through, she should’ve emailed her sooner than she did.


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