Book Lover: Danaih Chapman Loves The Adventure She Gets From Reading

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Since I am nearing my first year anniversary of the blog, I am excited to present a new feature called “Book Lover.” Basically I will interview people who love to read, like me. I am proud to say Danaih, my “Godsister” is my first book lover interviewee.

She gets just as excited as I do when she walks into a bookstore or library. She also enjoys binge reading as a habit – just like me! I have a feeling she’ll be getting a lot of books today, after all it is her 18th birthday!

Read her interview below and check out her guest blog of The Lions of Little Rock on Friday.

Question: What do you love most about reading/books?

Answer: I love the adventure that I get from reading books. I love being sucked into an imaginary world that seems so real, it helps me get my mind off of all the stress.

Q: Do you like to read books or listen to them?

A: I will always prefer real books over Audible. I love being able to feel the pages turn when I am done reading that section.

Q: What was your favorite book when you were my age?

A: My favorite book was this book called One of the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It tells a story about Carley, this little girl that was thrown into foster care and left on the Murphy’s door step, she has to figure out how to trust again.  I thought it was a beautiful story that made me realize what it is like to be in the foster care system and what it is like to have a family that is not blood.

Q: What is your favorite book of all time?

A: My favorite book of all time … that is a hard one. I would have to say is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It was a really good coming-of-age story about a freshman in college and since I am going to be in college soon I relate to the chapters awkward points.  

Q: What do you do for fun – besides reading?

A: Other than reading I do a lot of painting and making treat baskets for my friends. Also I do a lot of baking, too.

Q:  Why did you choose Lions of Little Rock to review? (Come back to the blog on Friday to read her review.)

A: I chose The Lions of Little Rock because it was a best middle school book about race that I have ever read. In school I never got taught the experiences that Black people faced and what it was like to not go to school with the white people. So reading a book about those experiences was very eye-opening.  



  1. What a fun new segment to interview others who love to read! What struck me most about Danaih is how important it was to read books about people going through the same phases she was in life- from middle school to anticipation of starting college. Thank you for sharing Danaih!

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