Review: Easter Story Comes To Life Through Vibrant Illustrations

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It’s Good Friday. As you might know, this is the universal day Christians remember that God’s son Jesus died on the cross for everyone. If you don’t know the story, you should read The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith. Even if you do, I still recommend this book!

This book sums up basically from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Day, also known as Easter. Readers will learn a little bit about the last supper, the disciples and the events leading up to the day Jesus went back to Heaven for the second time. Because I’m a Christian, I already knew this story, but the author made it different because he included the view of the donkey that was with Jesus in his final days. I liked that.

Each page of this book is filled with beautiful illustrations. Almost every page has angels with vibrant colors. It’s all really pretty.

I recommend this book to ages seven to nine. If you love stories with colorful illustrations, you will love this one.

This book almost didn’t get a perfect score, but the illustrations definitely gave it some bonus points! I rate it 4 out of 4 roses!




  1. We went to Good Friday service today and we’ll go to church on Easter Sunday. That is really it, unless there are some Easter surprises. No, the book did not explain how bunny and eggs became part of Easter. Looking it up now!


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