Review: First Book In Science With Scarlett Series Launches This Summer

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I love getting books from authors! This one is by the 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year. If you like fun experiments, you should definitely meet Scarlett, the main character in Gary Abud, Jr.’s first book.

What Color Will It Be? is the first book in the Science with Scarlett series and it is a cool read for young children who are eager to learn.

The book takes kids on an interactive journey with Scarlett and her teddy bear, where they learn about lights, colors and shadows. I saw what colors form when mixed with others and also learned about two new colors: cyan and magenta. Both are really pretty.

Scarlett is a girl with a big imagination who likes science! She and her teddy bear assistant do cool experiments with flashlights throughout the book to explain what really happens when each light touches the bear. For example, if you put two different colored flashlights on top of each other and shine them on the bear, what will happen? The answer is revealed in the book.

I really liked that the book was written in rhyming poetry. It was a cute way to get kids to love science. And I liked that Scarlett is a really fun and curious child, inspired by the author’s daughter.

Also, it is nice that 15% of the profits from buying the books will go to Eversight. It is an organization that helps people with vision loss restore their eyesight. Gary Abud, Jr. had his sight restored after a double cornea transplant. You can read more about him on my blog on Thursday.

By the way, the author said they are working on a science kit that might come with the book so kids can do do the experiment themselves. (I think that will be fun because my brother and I really like the A Shine-A-Light Book series by Carron Bown & Bee Johnson where you use a flashlight to get a behind-the-scenes look at things like planes, trains and even the human body.)

I was given a preview copy of What Color Will It Be? that I read online, so I was super excited when an autographed print copy arrived the other day!

I recommend What Color Will It Be? to kids ages 4 to 8. If you adore interactive stories, you will like this book.

This book was pretty good! I rate it three out of four roses.


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