Guest Blog: Lessons About Equality Revealed In The Watsons Go To Birmingham

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Note from Elena Reads: My friend Caleb, age 10, is today’s guest blogger. I’ve read the book he’s reviewing and a few others by the author, Christopher Paul Curtis. I liked this one because it was not about your typical family. Here is what Caleb had to say about it:

The book I chose is The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.

The author is a winner of the Newberry Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award and from from the same town my mom is from – Flint. The book is about a families’ experience while taking a road trip to Birmingham, Alabama.

There are many examples of their experiences including an unfortunate bombing on a church that they attended.

I liked this book because I felt it had lot of exciting details that really sucks you into the story. I believe the key message to this story is about equality and that we must treat people the same no matter what they look like.

I recommend this book  for ages 9 and up and give it 4 roses.

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