Review: Here’s To Some Great Father Figures In Books I’ve Read

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 The picture above is of my dad and me, at the zoo, one of our favorite places to go together. My dad is a great father figure and the inspiration behind today’s post.

I will be doing something a little different today. Since it is Father’s Day, I want to recommend books where there are exemplary fathers. These fathers could be there for their child, rooting them on at the hardest times, or they could be the ones to give their child really good advice.

Even though almost every father in the books I read are great, here are a few I want to give a shout out to. (If you have not read some of the books listed below, I recommend to not read the thing on it, because there will be spoilers!)

Wonder – by R.J. Palacio. In this book, Auggie’s father, Nate Pullman, is kind of an unsung hero. Even though he stole Auggie’s astronaut helmet, it was for a righteous cause. He missed seeing his son’s face, he wanted his son to have more self-confidence, and show the world who he really was, without something covering his face. Also, he had Auggie’s back all the time. He sympathized easily with his son. When Auggie didn’t want to go to school, Nate fought so he didn’t have to. But, when he realized how great Auggie handled Julian on the school tour, he and Auggie both think that he should at least try for a bit to see how a school’s like. Great minds think alike, I guess.

Enemy Pie – In this book, the main character’s father helps his son make “enemy pie” to get rid of enemies. But really, it’s a great pie and it is really delicious. He tells his son that the only way for the enemy pie to work is to spend a day with your enemy and be kind to him or her. Now, this is only a way for his son and Jeremy (the enemy) to become friends. But in the end, the father’s way of getting rid of enemies has worked – now they’re great friends.

Magic Misfits – I like this book because of Leila’s father, kind and welcoming Dante Vernon. One way he shows this is when he allows Leila to live with him, and later welcomes Carter into his house. Also, he tries to help Leila and her friends when they are trying to solve a mystery. sometimes he may give them advice, or maybe he is “accidentally” bumping into costumes, DEFINITELY not telling them to disguise themselves! Dante Vernon is a great dad, and one of my favorites in books.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – Charlie’s grandfather is astounding. Even when they were at the worst of times Grandpa Joe, the father-figure in the book, still managed to keep a positive attitude, which resulted in motivating Charlie and winning the factory.

Those are just a few of many fabulous dads in books I’ve read. Have you read any other books with dads we should emulate? Comment below.

And Happy Father’s Day out there to all the dads!

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