Review: Pashmina Story About More Than A Really Pretty Scarf

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I had never heard of a pashmina until reading this book about the coolest fashionable scarf in the world. In Pashmina, by Nidhi Chanani, readers experience the life of a Hindu teen going through bullying, a rough relationship with her mother, and discovering who she is.

This story is about a family who ran away from their home in India to live in America. No one will tell main character Priyanka, who was born in America, the real reason why, and every time she asks about her father who stayed in India, her family gets quiet and changes the subject. But when she finds a suitcase with a peculiar scarf called a pashmina inside, her life will change. After touching the pashmina, she magically travels to India, and yearns to actually go there. If only her mother would let her…

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was a graphic novel, different from what I usually read. I love to read these in one sitting and enjoy the pictures. What’s great is that the author made the black and white pictures representing real life, and colorful pictures representing what she sees after touching the pashmina. Also, it explored many different themes, like bullying, accepting the past, and the author mixed in some Indian culture.

This book is great for readers who love graphic novels. This is my ideal lazy day book. (On a snow day, I curled up in my bed and read this.) I really hope there is a sequel, because I love this one!

This book is super awesome! I rate it four out of four roses.

A graphic novel is a book told with pictures and speech bubbles.

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