Review: Anyone Can Play Peter Pan With Amazing Grace

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I’ve always liked this book, but I never thought to review it until my aunt reminded me that the main character gets cast as Peter Pan in her school play, just like I did.

Amazing Grace, by Mary Hoffman, really is an amazing book. It is powerful because of its message that race or gender should not stop you from achieving your goals. It is also sweet because it’s a cute story because even if you are young and don’t understand that message, you can probably relate to the main character playing make-believe.

The main character is a little black girl whose class is performing Peter Pan. Grace would love to be in the role of Peter because she loves playing pretend at her house. But her classmates seem to think a black girl playing a white boy isn’t right. Even though Grace is excited, those comments made her insecure. At my school play, some people thought a 6th grader shouldn’t get to be Peter Pan because 6th grade is the youngest grade in the school.

This book is awesome because it basically opens a door for kids, showing them they can do anything they set their mind to, no matter what they look like, or if they are a boy or girl or the oldest or youngest in their school.

This book is great for readers ages 7 and up. But it is also a great book for parents to read to younger children. Plus this book is a good addition to a classroom library.

Four out of four roses, no doubt about it!


  1. I agree, kids can do anything and doors should be open, not closed.
    I can’t wait to see you as Peter Pan tonight! You’re an awesome limitless girl Elena!


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