Review: Book “Largely” Proves Bigger Is Not Always Best

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Little Hewitt Anderson lives by the motto “bigger is better” because everyone he knows is a GIANT. He’s an only average-sized boy, and his parents are worried he won’t grow up to be giant like them. But as Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life progresses, Hewitt and his family learn things both big and small can be amazing.

Hewitt is a little kid in a big world. A bed to him is a “mining expedition” because it’s so big he can get lost in it. He sits in his mother’s hat and it’s his way he gets from place to place. His parents love him more than anything, but still wish he was bigger. Doctors from around the world are called in to see Hewitt because they have never seen an average-sized person.

I also loved the great illustrations by Kadir Nelson. They were really beautiful and I especially love the one with Hewitt sleeping in his father’s palm. The book even was the gold medal winner for original art by Society of Illustrators.

Jerdine Nolen is the author of this great book and her words help show readers that big things aren’t always the best things. Although many people might think they know this lesson, it is a good reminder. Even Hewitt’s parents learn that being “tiny” has many benefits and they learn to accept their son just as he is.

I would recommend this book to readers ages 4 and up. They may not get the message right away, but it is still a fun, whimsical book they will enjoy. Also, this is a great diverse book to add on your bookshelf, because the giants are black.

This book is really awesome! I give it four out of four roses!

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