Review: Multiracial Kids Celebrate Their Differences In All Mixed Up!

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In this sweet book, Amy Hodgepodge: All Mixed Up! by Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts, Amy learns how to embrace who she is, not just a hodgepodge of races, but a great friend, talented singer and much more.

Amy Hodges was starting fourth grade – but instead of being home schooled that year, she would be attending a charter school. But when it turned out to be a rough start. People made fun of her and the way she looked, because she was part Japanese, Korean, black and white. (That’s how she got the nickname, Amy Hodgepodge)

Amy wasn’t sure she was ever going to make any friends after the hard morning at school, but soon, she met many new friends, including Pia, and twins Cole and Lola. And the cool thing is – they were all multi-racial, just like Amy!

Soon, they bonded, because they ate lunch together, hung out at Lola and Cole’s tree house, and practiced for the upcoming talent show – where they were going to sing a song they wrote about celebrating differences.

I really liked this book because I loved the diversity of the characters. I love seeing multiracial characters like me in books. And, not only did it show race diversity, but it also showed economic diversity (one of Amy’s friends had to collect cans for money so he could afford to buy a costume for the talent show).

I also thought it was cool that there were illustrations in the chapter book. (I haven’t read one like that in ages!!!!!)

Amy is a character a lot of people can relate to. Even though she was only in fourth grade, she still experienced bullying and racism. No matter what kids are being bullied about, having someone who is going through the same thing – even if it’s just someone in a book – can really help.

This book is good for anyone third grade and up. It’s also a great book for kids just starting to read chapter books. Or, if you are biracial/multiracial, please pick up this book. Actually, even if you’re not, still read this book! It is also a series, and their are 5 more Amy Hodgepodge adventures.

This book is so good! I rate it four out of four roses!

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