Review: In The Talking Cat Series, You Will Venture Into A New World

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Have you ever wondered where cats go when they die? Well, in Wendy Ledger’s Talking Cat Series, you will venture into the perfectly crafted world of the cat afterlife. If you love to read and love cats, pick up this series!

The author, Wendy Ledger, sent me The Loudest Meow and The Sharpest Claw for review. I loved the diversity of the cats in these books! There were tortoiseshells, tabby cats, black cats, Persians, and many more. Here is a double book review:

The Loudest Meow is the first book in the series. In this one, Jem, a calico cat, was taken to the afterlife after she died. Not only was she confused, but she thought she didn’t belong there! Jem was determined to get back home, because she was so puzzled about why she was there, and didn’t think she was dead! But, she soon learned that Rusty, the cat she used to live with before she died, was really sad without her, and it’s up to Jem and her friends to help him.

I loved the way the author, Wendy Ledger created a whole new world out of one simple question: What happens when cats die? Some things that I thought were really creative was that the cats lived in what was their favorite room in their old house. Plus, they got to see what their humans were doing on a TV called a “home feed”. Cats could think of a food and it would appear, and on special occasions, you can fly to Earth and watch your owners from there.

And, I loved the details and imagery she provided, too. Another thing I liked was that the author crafted each character’s own personality. I loved Marmalade, one of the cats in the afterlife, because she was bossy and strong-willed, and had a deep affection for another cat, which I thought was funny.

This book is good for anyone 3rd grade and up. If you are a cat lover, this is the book for you. I loved stroking my cat, Brody, while I read the book, because I wondered what would happen when he dies and goes to Heaven. I’d love to think he was watching me on a TV, and probably manifesting salmon soft food all the time!

My review of The Sharpest Claw is below, but I rate The Loudest Meow four out of four roses!

In The Sharpest Claw, Jem sees in the “home feed “that her owners have decided to adopt kittens! Jem is the only one who thinks they are evil and need to leave, because everyone else is too blinded by the kitten’s cuteness to care! They don’t see that the kittens are scratching people, chewing up things, and bullying Rusty, the other cat.

This book was cool because it expanded on the first book, and things changed, too. Plus, new characters were added to the story too, like Alasdair. He’s Marmalade’s idol, and in the first book, Marmalade brags all about him, but in the second, we actually get to meet Alasdair!

This book didn’t hold my attention as much as the first one did, but it was still interesting. I think the author conveyed more emotion in the first book, The Loudest Meow. In that one, I could really understand Jem and how upset and confused she must’ve been in the afterlife. But, I thought the second book kind of dragged on a little bit, and it took a long time to get to the big point on how Jem was going to solve the problem until really late in the book.

I rate The Sharpest Claw three out of four roses.

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