Review: Half-Cat Is Funny And Sarcastic, A Great Read For Kids

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I have reread this playful and fun book by D.J. Corchin called Half-Cat lots of times. The book is funny and sarcastic and a great read for kids. It’s about using your imagination but never forgetting to be kind.

It starts out with a girl telling you she is half-cat, and tells you all about the awesome PURRRRRKS that come with being half-cat. For example, you land on your feet half the time! You can also pretend to have four and a half lives. Plus, watch out for hairballs!!!! (Otherwise known as knots in your hair – and I get those a LOT) But, you always have to remember to help others and be kind. It’s part of the half-cat deal.

I loved this book because it was really funny and witty. D.J. Corchin really captures the best parts of being a kid – positivity and imagination. For instance, this quote about being half-cat was really funny: “You won’t grow whiskers. But you can paint them on!” I also love the message at the end – always be kind. Tyler Hawx’s illustration in this book were awesome, too. He has a very unique way of drawing people and backgrounds that are creepy and fun at the same time.

This book is good for cat lovers or anyone who loves to use their imagination! It’s a good addition to your home library, and a good read aloud.

I loved this book – it was so hilarious! I rate it four out of four roses!

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