Review: We The Kids Illustrates The Meaning Of The Constitution

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Some kids don’t understand the Constitution of the United States, or why we need one.

Some kids hate having to memorize the long, old-timey words that don’t make sense to them.

But with this book, We the kids, they might understand the Constitution a little better … even though the words on the pages are the same. Illustrator David Catrow uses pictures to help explain this important document.

Every page in this book has a few words from the U.S. Constitution, or more exactly the Preamble, which was written more than 250 years ago. But, there are also modernized pictures that go with the words that actually help people understand the document. For example, for the words “…and secure the Blessings of Liberty,” there is a picture of three children sleeping, with snacks and books around them.

I think that it represents the blessings of life.

This book is so funny because it’s like the pictures tell their own story.

If you only look at the pictures, you can sort of figure out the meaning of the Preamble. The same three kids (and a dog) are in every picture, plus a bag of stuff that they need to make a tent. I think kids can kind of grasp the meaning of the Constitution through these pictures. For “establish Justice,” there is a picture of someone showing a board of rules to her friends. A lot of the pictures break down difficult words like “Liberty” and “Tranquility.”

And there is a glossary at the beginning of the book fully explaining each phrase.

I recommend this book to teachers who want to help their students learn about the Preamble, the most popular part of the Constitution. It’s hard for kids to understand why we even need one. But think of what life would be without it! Kids will also enjoy the hilarious pictures, so this is a good book for pleasure reading!

I also liked how one of the kids in the book was black girl, because it represented diversity. It truly showed all men (and women) are created equal, no matter the race, gender or even height.

I think this book was great! Four out of four roses!

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