Review: Every Soul A Star Focuses On Friendships And Identity

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Three souls are brought together under one moon to witness something unforgettable. The strangers soon become unlikely friends. In Wendy Mass’ Every Soul A Star, readers will learn everyone has a place in the universe.

Bree is one of the prettiest girls in the universe (according to most people who meet her) with her dazzling blue eyes and brown hair. She has very high life goals: to be crowned prom queen of her school, become a supermodel, be on the cover of Seventeen before 17, and be rich and famous. Ally lives on a campground called Moon Shadow and loves to bathe in hot springs and stargaze. She doesn’t have any friends other than Eta, Glenn, and Peggy – and they live on different planets. Jack is a boy who can fly by coming awake in his dreams and control what happens. All three of them meet at Moon Shadow to see something phenomenal – a solar eclipse.

What I liked about this book was how unique it was. The characters were so individualistic, the plot and setting so original and poignant. Of course, this isn’t surprising because it’s a Wendy Mass book – the author is so creative and imaginative – but this book is one that will linger in my mind long after I’ve given it back to the library!

Fans of Wendy Mass’ other great novels like A Mango-Shaped Space will enjoy this one too. If you are between the ages eight to 12, I recommend this book.

I rate this book four out of four roses! I think Bree’s character was a little overdone, but other than that I think this book was amazing.

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