Review: A Girl’s Bill Of Rights Has An Empowering Message For Girls Everywhere

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A Girl’s Bill Of Rights is a sweet book with an empowering message that will inspire all girls to be themselves and not let anyone stop them.

I received this DRC (digital reading copy) from the author of this amazing book, Amy B. Mucha. The book goes on sale Feb. 2, and I definitely recommend it!

The book is exactly what the title proclaims it to be: a girl’s bill of rights. In kid-friendly terms, accompanied by whimsical illustrations, each page gives a phrase on why girl’s matter. One page explains that girl’s have the right to think for themselves and and make decisions for themselves. Another page explains girls have the right to feel however they want, and they have the right to laugh and cry.

This book really takes into consideration the history of women in the past and now. Women had to fight for our right to vote and be treated as equal in society. Many women now are treated differently because of the mere fact they are a girl. Young girls may also be told their only purpose in life is to cook and clean and marry well, and that men are superior. Our sex should not determine what people think of us, because everyone is created equal. This book teaches girls they have the right to speak their mind and when someone is hurting or disrespecting them, they have the right to tell them to stop.

I loved how the illustrations by Addy Rivera Sonda were so diverse, because then it shows that all girls have rights, even girls with a darker hue, or girls who need a wheelchair to get around, or girls who celebrate different holidays, etc, etc. I was in awe of how A Girl’s Bill Of Rights made me feel proud and prominent. It made me want to stand up and proclaim to the world that I have the power to be myself, to do what I want, and not let anyone stand in my way or tell me I can’t do something.

Obviously, this book is for girls. Girls young and old, Black and white, Jewish and Muslim…this book is for all girls, so that they can proclaim they have the power to be themselves, too. Of course, boys should read it also!

I loved this book! Four out of four roses!

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