Review: ‘Joey’ Highlights President Biden’s Life As A Young Boy

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It’s Presidents Day and many are finding ways to celebrate; whether it be informing themselves on our presidents, going to famous presidential landmarks (probably less so this year because of COVID), or simply just giving themselves a much needed break because of the national holiday.

Being a bookaholic, I am planning to celebrate this patriotic day by reading books about some of America’s many presidents.

One of the books I will be rereading is Joey: The Story Of Joe Biden by the current first lady, Jill Biden. It’s a sweet pleasure-read that focuses on President Joe Biden’s life as a child. The book tells of him as a daredevil, climbing on a mountain of burning coal; and having a strong bond with his family, even being so close to his sister Valerie, who also happens to be his best friend. They finished each other’s sentences! He also was bullied because of his stutter and learned to stand up for himself and others.

This was the first picture book written about Joe Biden, and it was published before he was elected president, but during his presidential run. Joe Biden is actually the oldest president of the United States at age 78! I loved that the book centered around his childhood because it made me more eager to read it, instead of pushing myself to take in information I already knew.

I recommend this book to readers six and up. Young kids will enjoy learning about this leader as the book shows him progressing from a boy to a man. This book may inspire young readers, showing them they contribute to society just like Joe Biden.

I rate this book three out of four roses.

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