Review: Isobel Adds It Up Is A Sweet Story Emphasizing Imagination

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Isobel is a little girl who loves solving problems. She enjoys figuring out the answers to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Although, there is one problem is having trouble solving – one that concerns noisy neighbors.

Every time Isobel sits down to do her math homework, she can’t concentrate with the racket next door. She wonders if it’s a marching band, a basketball team, or even a family of elephants! When she does figure out who the boisterous people (or animals) living next door are, they become best friends!

Isobel Adds It Up by Kristy Everington is a sweet story emphasizing imagination. It’s a story that will keep young kids in suspense, excited to learn who the neighbors turn out to be. This book comes out June 29 with Random House. I got this advanced digital copy from the author.

I loved the fantastical aspect of this book, I think that side will interest kids who like envisioning things like subtractions getting soaked in the rain, and elephants being able to cook and do math. The illustrations by AG Ford also made the story more magical, you could really see into Isobel’s creative mind.

This book is great for elementary-age classrooms, and it reminds me of The Word Collector by Jason Reynolds. Both of them had a strong passion for a subject – for Jerome, words; for Isobel, math. Overall, please pick up this book!!

Four out of four roses!

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