Review: The Magic Of Fate And Chance Is On Display In The Sun Is Also A Star

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Natasha and Daniel are brought together by unexpected circumstances that lead them to falling in love in The Sun Is Also A Star, by Nicola Yoon. It is a deep, thought-provoking novel that highlights the magic of fate and chance.

Natasha is the fact-driven girl who loves science. She is being deported back to Jamaica in 24 hours. Daniel, a Korean, is a hopeless romantic who is trying to live up to his parents’ expectations and become a doctor.

For one reason or another, the universe lets their paths interwine, but as they grow closer and closer, they are pulled further and further apart. “Time and distance are love’s natural enemies,” the author writes. But, it’s the suprising and bittersweet ending that will move you to tears.

I loved how this book shifted perspectives, from Natasha to Daniel to almost anyone who crossed their paths. It gave the book more depth, and it was a unique twist to a romance novel.

Also, Yoon’s writing is honestly phenomenal. Each character is so thoroughly created, and the plot was so original. It’s what made this one an unforgettable story.

I recommend this book to readers ages 13 to 16 because there is talk of sex and there is swearing.

If you like the book They Both Die At The End, then The Sun Is Also A Star is for you. Both books focus on fate bringing two people together.

Four out of four roses! This is so good!

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