Review: I Promise Can Be A Sweet Addition To Your Bookshelf

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This uplifting book by NBA star LeBron James can be a sweet addition to your bookshelf. The title is I Promise, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a book filled with promises kids should recite to help them be good citizens, believe in themselves and become the best they can be.

Each page shares a line about what a child promises to do in their life: things like being courageous, respecting elders, and reading as much as they can.

The book was inspired by James’ “I PROMISE School” for students in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Each day, students at the school make their own list of promises to themselves.

What really stands out about the book at the pictures which are by bestselling illustrator Nina Mata. The illustrated children are so diverse and give off playful vibes. They also really compliment the mood of the story.

I recommend this book to teachers of preschool or elementary students. It’s the perfect book for a class read-aloud. If your child is into basketball or Lebron James, but is not a fan of reading, this may be an opportunity to get them to pick up a book’!

Three out of four roses!

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