Review: City Green is a Book that Blooms

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Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, I am reviewing a book called City Green by DyAnne DiSalvo- Ryan. It is about a girl named Marcy who wants to build a garden in her neighborhood in the spot where the city is tearing down an old building.

Marcy and her neighbor, Miss Rosa, don’t want to look at the vacant lot with garbage and mud everywhere. She and Miss Rosa decide to make a garden and they start to work hard: digging, planting, and most importantly, getting others to help. Soon, the whole city is helping out – except for a grumpy man named Old Man Hammer. He tells them they are wasting their time. They  still try to make a garden. At the end, they finish the garden and it looks so pretty! (There’s even a surprise contribution from Old Man Hammer.)

My first-grade teacher gave me this book and I like it because it showed that even kids can help out the earth. And even if someone says you can’t do something, you can choose to give up or keep trying. You should make your choices, not someone else.

I would recommend this book to readers who want to make a difference in their community or help the earth. (At the end of the book, there is a page about starting your own garden.) I think a lot of kids can relate to this book if someone has ever tried to tell them they can’t do something.

I give this book 3/4 roses!


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