Review: When Penny Met POTUS Offers An Amazing Surprise

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When Penny Met POTUS, by Rachel Ruiz, is a book about a girl named Penny  whose mother works at a big white house for someone named POTUS. One day Penny gets to go to work with her mom and she is excited because that means she will finally get to meet POTUS.

Penny has so many questions and the most important is “Just who – or what – is a POTUS?”

Penny is too impatient to wait for her mom to introduce her to POTUS, so she sneaks out of the office when her mother is making phone calls. She goes around asking everyone who works in the big white house if they have seen POTUS. She imagines POTUS is a blue hairy monster, wearing a big black suit, drinking coffee and smelling flowers.

Penny finally meets POTUS and is surprised by what she sees. I also was surprised when POTUS was revealed, but for a different reason than Penny. I think other readers will be surprised too!

Before I started this book I had never heard the word POTUS. But when I was told that it meant “President of the United States,”  I assumed POTUS would be former President Barack Obama because the author, Rachel Ruiz, used to work for him. I will post my interview with her later this week.

I like this book because you get to follow Penny in her search for POTUS and who she thinks POTUS might be is funny also.

I would recommend this book to younger kids who have big imaginations, want a fun adventure and like surprise endings.

I give this book 4/4 roses.




    1. Thank you. You will love the ending. She also has more books: When Rosa Parks Went Fishing and When Hillary Rodham Clinton Played Ice Hockey. I am going to read those also.


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