Review: Mama’s Saris and Mommy’s Khimar Delight the Heart

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It’s Mother’s Day. This is a day to celebrate your mom, moeder, madre, ahm, mare or whatever you call the woman who raised you. So today I have a combined review. I want to share two books about mothers and daughters that I recently read.

The first book is Mama’s Saris by Pooja Makhijani.

In this book, it is a girl’s seventh birthday and she wants to wear a sari! A sari is a traditional dress that Indian women wear. They are usually very colorful. But the girl’s mom says she is too young. She can wear a sari when she’s older. So the daughter decides she will help her mom pick a sari to wear to the seventh birthday party.  After her mom chooses a sari, she surprises her daughter and tells her she can wear a sari also … just this once!

I liked this book because it helped me learn some Hindi words, like a bindi is a mark that Hindu women put on their forehead, often to show that they are married. And a Nanima is a grandmother. I also liked it because it was about a mother and a daughter with a strong bond.

I give this book 3/4 roses.


The second book is Mommy‘s Khimar.

A khimar is a scarf that some Muslim women wear to cover their hair for religious reasons. It is also called a hjiab.

In the book, a girl’s mother has many khimars in her house. The girl loves to play pretend in just one khimar — her mother’s yellow one. She likes to pretend she is a princess with a long golden train and a superhero ready to save the world.

I liked this book because it was all about imagination and creativity. The girl loves to pretend she’s lots of things in that one little khimar.

I recommend this book to girls who like to imagine. Both books are good for moms and daughters. They might be fun to read together. Also Indian and Muslim girls who may not see themselves that much in books might really like these books.

I give this book 4/4 roses.


I hope you have a good Mother’s Day with your mom, moeder, madre, ahm, mare or any special woman in your life!





  1. Both these books sound wonderful and feature girls who like to emulate something about their mother. What do you like to emulate about your mom?

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