Review: The Mighty Miss Malone is a Girl Who Never Gives Up

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This week I will be reviewing The Mighty Miss Malone, by Christopher Paul Curtis.

The book is about 12-year-old Deza who is moving to Flint, Michigan from Gary, Indiana to find her father. Her dad had to move away from the family to find work because it is the Great Depression and nobody would hire him because he is black.

The book takes place around the 1930s and at first it was kind of confusing, I didn’t understand what a poor house was and why people were so excited about the fight between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling.  I would recommend The Mighty Miss Malone to older kids who like historical fiction or readers who like Christopher Paul Curtis.

I think this book is about not giving up, even when things are hard, and to always be brave. Deza had to cope with her dad leaving to find work, then her brother left to become a famous singer. And for a while, she and her mom didn’t live in a real house. They lived on a campground with people in tents.

Deza never gives up on anything. She is strong when people make fun of  her for being poor or beat her up because she is a good student.

I like this book because Deza is brave and smart. She likes to read, like me, and she loves it when there is someone who looks like her in a book. So do I!

I give this book 3/4 roses.


Christopher Paul Curtis also wrote Bud, not Buddy, which won lots of awards including the Coretta Scott King Award and the Newbery Medal.  He also won a Newbery Medal for The Watsons Go to Birmingham.



  1. Do you like historical fiction books? Even though this book is set almost 90 years ago, were there similarities to growing up today?

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    1. Yes, I do like historical fiction. The thing that was the same was that Deza likes to read like me. Also, kids go to school like kids do now. She has a personality like mine. Kids bully like they do today. People have to move like they do now. People go to the dentist like they do now.


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