Review: Farm Friends Escape! Is a Fun Mystery for Young Readers

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This book caught my attention because the girl and boy on the cover look like me and my cousin Cleo. It is called Farm Friends Escape! by Gail Herman and is part of the Animal Planet Adventures series.

This book is about 11-year old cousins, Luke and Sarah, who are visiting their grandparents for the summer. Both of them are very excited to learn that they will be working at a petting zoo the grandparents have chosen to open! But odd things happen at the petting zoo. Luke and Sarah see a mysterious boy a lot and they think he has something to do with missing petting zoo animals!

I liked this book because, in addition to the story, there were photos with facts about running a farm. I also liked the book because of the mystery and suspense. Sarah and Luke have the same personalities as Cleo and me. She likes to write and is more serious than he is. He likes to joke around a lot and sometimes wants to do things quickly. And it was really surprising that the grandma in the book is named Rose, like our grandma.

I would recommend this book to readers who want to know what it is like to live on a farm. Also to younger readers who are just understanding mystery.

I  give this book 3/4 roses!



    1. That is a good question! I didn’t at first because I thought the mysterious boy had something to do with it. Then I slowly figured out who was responsible, but I wasn’t sure how they did it until the author explained.

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