Review: Lots of Books, Authors at Chicago’s Printer’s Row Lit Fest

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I went to Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago today.  The event is the Midwest’s Largest Literary Festival. There were lots of tents where books were being sold and locations where there were speakers. There were so many fun things to do there, like getting books and doing crafts.

It was fun seeing Rachel Ruiz, the author I interviewed a few weeks ago. She signed my When Penny Met POTUS book and I also got her latest, When Rosa Parks Went Fishing. I can’t wait to read it!

I also met author DJ Corchin and bought his book, Half-Cat, that was released today! And he wrote Do you Speak Fish? 

I liked this festival because it was cool looking at all of the books. It was fun telling people about my blog. We bought some used books and got some free ones, too. (You can see some of my books below.)


The festival is a great place for readers. I got to write my favorite book titles on a wall! Also, I recommend this event for people who want to have fun. I had fun in the Lil’ Lit area, which is just for kids.

This book festival gets 4/4 roses! It is open today and tomorrow.



    1. Yes, Rachel Ruiz told me to keep doing what I’m doing with my blog. She said what I’m doing is amazing and that I can ask her questions anytime. The other people didn’t know about my blog, but were excited to learn about it. One of the authors said I could interview him, so I’m going to.


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