Review: Emmanuel’s Dream Proves Any Goal Can Be Reached

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Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah is about an African boy who was born with only one good leg. It is written by Laurie Ann Thompson.

In the book, the Emmanuel’s father was disappointed when he saw his baby and he left the family. But his mother still loved Emmanuel and taught him that he could accomplish anything, even though one of his legs was weak.

He learned how to get around with one strong leg. He hopped to school! And he learned how to ride a bike.

When he grew up, Emmanuel did something people thought was impossible for a boy with a disability to do: he biked around his country of Ghana. He wanted to prove to people that even if you have a disability you can still accomplish your dreams.

I liked this book because it was about perseverance. I also liked this book because it proved anyone can do anything. The author, Laurie Ann Thompson, has agreed to do an interview with me, so look for that sometime this summer.

Emmanuel’s story is also a movie called Emmanuel’s Gift. I hope I can watch it.

I recommend this book to kids who want to know they can do anything, and to people who want to learn a true story about something unbelievable.

I give this book ¾ roses!



  1. I am glad you focused on Emmanuel’s accomplishments. Disappointed with his father’s reaction to his disability. An important message for parents. Very nice review

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