Review: Planet Zeee And The Money Tree Offers Advice About Earning And Saving

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At the Detroit Kite Festival, I got a free book called Planet Zeee and the Money Tree, written by Eric Esquivel and Jeremy Townsend.

It is about kids from a planet called Zeee who rely on a tree to give them money. But when that tree starts to die, the kids from Planet Zeee fly to a new planet, Earth, and try to find money. Then a group of kids from Earth teach them about money and how to earn and save it by yourself. The Zeee kids go back to their planet, ready to earn money by themselves. The point of the story is to teach kids that “money does not grow on trees.”

I like this book because it taught me about money, like why you should separate your money into groups, like one for saving, one for spending, things like that. I also liked it because of the creativity the author put into the book. Making a new planet is pretty cool.

I recommend Planet Zeee and the Money Tree to young readers who want to learn about money. Or to older readers who want to learn about banks and saving money. Also, I recommend the book readers who like a creative story. I thought this story was very creative.

This book is part of the Ally Financial Adventures with Money program. Parents can download the book for free from the Ally Wallet Wise website.

I give this book three out of four roses!



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