Review: Grace For President Questions Why Only Boys Have Led The Country

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Today’s book review is Grace for President, a New York Times Best Seller, by Kelly DiPucchio.

It’s about a girl named Grace who is at school when her teacher pulls out a poster showing the pictures of all the presidents of the U.S.A.  Grace has a question: “Where are  the GIRLS?” When her teacher surprisingly answers that there have been no women presidents, Grace announces that she wants to become president of the United States, but first she decides to run for president of her school.

Just like Grace, it is confusing to me that there has been no girl president. I think it’s because the first president was a man and since all presidents have been men, people think that men must be better leaders. I think that men and women can both be leaders.  I hope we get a girl president while I’m alive.

I liked this book because Grace is a determined character. She did everything she could to make people vote for her. I also thought it was pretty brave when one of the boys voted for Grace, even though most of the boys didn’t. So, the  book also showed that you should have your own opinion and not do something just because other people are doing it.  It was also interesting learning how an election really works. I thought the person with the most votes won, but there is more to it. In the back, the book explains about the electoral college.

I recommend this book to kids who want to learn about how an election works. Another cool part of the book are the illustrations. See if you notice any cool images of Grace’s dream to become president. This book will definitely help kids follow their dreams.

I give this book 4 out of 4 roses!




  1. Elena, although it hasn’t happened in the US (yet!), there are other countries with present and past female heads of state. Are you familiar with any of these women leaders?

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    1. Yes. My mom and I talked about that while I was doing the review. I think it is cool that countries have elected women leaders. I thought queens counted, but my mom says they don’t do political stuff.


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