Interview: Kelly DiPucchio Says Our Books Should Reflect Our Diversity

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Kelly DiPucchio had a pet goat when she was a kid and always bought her clothes from Sears catalogs. She thought she was going to become a singer when she grew up. Instead of a microphone in her hand, she holds a pencil, because she became an author.

She wrote the book I reviewed on Tuesday, Grace for President, and others, such as Zombies in Love. Several of her books, like Antoinette and Gaston were illustrated  by Christian Robinson. I also interviewed him for the blog.

Kelly DiPucchio has even written a book with Queen Raina of Jordan, and others based on people she knows. This author could not get any cooler. She came to my school and did a presentation in front of the whole school. She even autographed my book. This is my interview with her:

Question: What tips would you give kids who want to be authors?

Answer: The best advice I can give kids who want to be authors is to READ! I’m still learning to become a better writer by reading good books.

Q: What message do you want kids to get out of this book?

A: I hope the message kids get out of Grace for President is that working hard and never giving up are what makes dreams come true.

Q: Why do you think diversity is important in children’s literature?

A: We live in a diverse world and our books should be a reflection of that diversity. All kids should have access to books that multiracial and multicultural.

Q: What books would you recommend for kids like me?

A: I would recommend any book that you’re excited to read. The beauty of books is there is something for everyone. When I hear kids say they don’t like to read I tell them they just haven’t found the right thing to read.

Q: How did it feel to write a book for a queen?

A: It was both an honor and terrifying! Well, not really terrifying but I was nervous. It was a big responsibility. I’m really pleased with how the book turned out. 

Q: You mentioned a real girl named Grace asked the same question as the Grace in your story. How else are they alike?

A: They are both smart and ambitious!

Q: Are you more like Grace or Thomas in Grace for President?

A: I would definitely say I’m more like Grace.  I had to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to get a book published. I was also never very good at spelling or soccer like Thomas.

Photo Credit: Tayler Stirrett


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