Review: Duck For Turkey Day Shows Cultural Differences In Thanksgiving Celebrations

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“Happy Turkey Day!” That’s what the teacher in Duck for Turkey Day says to her students. But, there’s something wrong with Tuyet’s Thanksgiving. Instead of turkey, her family eats duck on Thanksgiving. Feeling left out, Tuyet tries to get her family to buy a turkey—even by trying to by one herself!—but they say their family likes a Vietnamese duck dish better. When she gets back to school, she is nervous to tell her classmates that she didn’t have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

I liked this book by Jacqueline Jules because it shows how it’s okay to be different. Also, I really liked the surprise at the end.

I recommend this book to readers who have a different kind of Thanksgiving dinner than just the most common: turkey and stuffing. We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday and this year, besides turkey, we also had curry chicken and salmon.

This book is a perfect read-aloud to  group of children during the Thanksgiving season.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 roses, it was really good!


(I also read Squanto’s Journey this week. Look for that review on Saturday.)


  1. I also love to have non-turkey meals at Thanksgiving? Have you ever had duck? What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving dinner? Did you cook anything?


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