Review: Who Is Michelle Obama? Filled With Facts About First Ladies

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Michelle Obama is coming to town! It’s true. She will be in Detroit today.

I knew she was the wife of former President Barack Obama before I read Who is Michelle Obama? by Megan Stine. But the book taught me things I didn’t know.  It has a lot of cool facts about her life before becoming First Lady. For example, did you know that Michelle’s mom, dad and brother Craig ALL skipped second grade? She did too! Also, she used to play the piano and she liked playing chess. So do I!

Michelle Obama is so inspiring because she never gives up, is a go-getter and a hardworking mom and business woman. I really like that she helps others to accomplish their goals. I hope I get to interview her one day.

The Who is Michelle Obama? book also includes short stories about seven other first ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Todd Lincoln and Hillary Clinton. It also shows you how many first ladies were very brave and successful, like Michelle. For instance, since Eleanor Roosevelt’s husband had polio, Eleanor traveled around the world giving speeches for him. 

I recommend this book to people who want to know more about Barack Obama’s wife. This book is also great for anyone who likes the WhoHQ series. (I’ve also reviewed another WhoHQ book, Who is Aretha Franklin?)

This book was pretty good. It gets 3 out of 4 roses.


  1. Greats review! I’d love to have Mallory read this one – she just checked out the “Anne Frank” book from this series but that one was a little too upsetting for her at her age.


  2. I heard your Mom had the opportunity to see Mrs. Obama when she was in town- did she tell you about it?

    Do you know that the cover of the book represents? It was one of Mrs. Obama’s key initiatives as First Lady, and might have impacted you directly (if you buy school lunch).


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    1. She did get to see her! She said the talk was really good, but we did not talk too much about it. I wanted to know if she got to meet her. She did not. There are vegetables on the cover, so it represents eating healthier.


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