Review: Voices Of Christmas Speaks Directly To Readers

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Christmas is coming and so today I am reviewing a book called Voices of Christmas by Nikki Grimes. It’s a book that opens your mind to what many important people and bystanders may have been thinking from the time the angel Gabriel sent the message to Mary that Jesus was to be born, to when the three wise men brought gifts to the baby who would soon be king.

The book tells you about what the angel who delivered the message to Mary may have thinking, to what Joseph may have been thinking and others.

In free-verse poetry, the author crafts a stunning tale with 14 voices — a story that has been told for more than 2,000 years.

I loved this book because it was about the true story of why we celebrate Christmas — to say “Happy Birthday!” to Jesus. Also, it taught me some things I didn’t know about the Christmas story, like how a man named King Herod tried to kill Jesus for fear of being overthrown. I also thought the artwork by Eric Velasquez was beautiful. The people look so real.

The book also comes with an audio CD so you can hear the characters speaking their thoughts.

I recommend this book to kids and adults who love to read the Christmas story. People who like first-person stories will love this book.

I give this book 4 out of 4 roses!


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