Review: It’s Kwanzaa Time! Explains How, Why Holiday Is Celebrated

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Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? I don’t, but this book, It’s Kwanzaa Time! really helped me understand what it’s really about and why people, including some of my cousins, celebrate it.

I used to think it was a religious holiday, but after reading this book I realized that Kwanzaa is actually just to celebrate African-Americans and values families believe are important like faith, unity and responsibility. It is celebrated between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1.

In the book, the first chapter explained what you do on the seven nights of Kwanzaa, including lighting candles and reciting the Ngozi Saba, which is kind of like the seven commandments for black people.  The other chapters were African tales that help you understand the Ngozi Saba. My favorite story was about unity and called “The Seven Children.”

I really enjoyed reading these Kwanzaa stories because I really like fables. I also liked learning about a holiday I don’t celebrate.

I recommend this book to readers who want to learn about a new holiday if they don’t celebrate Kwanzaa. Also, people who celebrate Kwanzaa will love the Kwanzaa stories.

This book was pretty good. It gets 3 out 4 roses!



    1. It made me interested a little. The principle that I think works best for kids is ujima, which means collective works and responsibility. I think this because it shows kids to get some things they want, they also need to contribute and help.


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