Review: Space Lovers Can Travel To The Moon With This Informative Book

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Have you or someone you know ever wanted to go to the moon? Well, now is your chance!  Reading The First Men Who Went To The Moon is a way for you to explore outer space with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.

Using poetry, author Rhonda Gowler Greene tells the story of these three astronauts and their trip to the moon. It illustrates not only the astronauts, but the spacecraft Apollo 11, too. You can see from the illustrations that the Apollo 11 gets smaller as it goes up and finally the Eagle is released. The Eagle is a very small shuttle that would take Armstrong and Aldrin to the surface of the moon.

I loved this book because it was a step into the astronauts’ world. It was like you were there with them while they traveled to the moon. Also, there were so many cool facts at the end of the book!  They are marked with tiny moons as bullet points.

For example, did you know that when the astronauts came back to Earth, they were put in a quarantine for more than 20 days to make sure the didn’t carry any “moon germs?” They later realized there was no such thing.

I also enjoyed the illustrations by Scott Brundage. They almost looked real!

This book is recommended for kids ages five to eight. But really, all ages will enjoy this. If you like books about space, you will definitely like this one!

This book was great! I rate it 4 out of 4 roses!


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