Review: Lovable Character Created In Series About A Boy Called Bat

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My school librarian recommended this book, A Boy Called Bat, by Elana K. Arnold, and I couldn’t wait to find out why he was called that. But I didn’t have to wait long because it was revealed on the very first page.

Bixby Alexander Tam, aka Bat, (look at his initials) is a charming character you will not be able to stop loving. He’s smart, he’s compassionate and he really cares a lot about animals. He also is a boy on the autism spectrum, which is a disorder that causes your brain to think differently.

When his mother brings home a baby skunk, Bat’s life changes. He cares for this skunk even though he knows one day he will have to let him go. He hates being away from his pet named Thor. In fact, he even sneaked Thor to his sister’s play once!

In this book, Elana K. Arnold creates a character who you will find deep affection for. I love the imaginative plot about a boy who falls in love with a skunk. His story continues in two other books. BAT and the Waiting Game and BAT and the End of Everything.

All three books show that Bat is a typical boy who lives a pretty normal life, mostly with his mom, his sister Janie, and every other weekend, with his dad. While caring for Thor, Bat becomes more responsible and makes new friends. Maybe Bat doesn’t know it, but I think the responsibility of a skunk has made him braver than he ever was.

I loved this series because I could definitely relate to Bat a lot. For example, I hate baseball and waiting. Plus, I am kind of sensitive and love animals, too.

Bat is such a lovable person, but my favorite character was his friend Jenny from Bat and the End of Everything, which is my favorite book in the series.

I recommend these books to readers who love easy-to-read concepts in books that are quick, but meaningful. There is definitely a wide range of ages that could read this series, but I think readers ages eight to 12 would like them. Little kids could read these books, but probably wouldn’t understand concepts like divorce or autism. If you like the book Wonder – which I also reviewed –  you may enjoy this series.

These books were amazing. Altogether, they get each get 4 out of 4 roses.


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  1. Hi Elena

    Is Bat the narrator of the series? If so, from the way the book is told from his point of view can you tell he has autism/ experiences the world a bit differently from you or I?


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