Review: Beautiful Photos Of Wildlife, Nature On Display In Yellowstone Forever

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Yellowstone. There is so much to see there! It is a place where more than half the geysers in the world are and where bison can roam anywhere. But most visitors only see 1% of the national park, statistics say.

But some people like Stephen C. Hinch has seen a lot more of it. This photographer spent years taking pictures of all the wildlife around the park.

Last week, I visited Yellowstone, and I had an experience I will never forget. I even met Stephen C. Hinch whose pictures are in this photo book called Yellowstone Forever: A Decade in Yellowstone National Park. His book is a journey through 10 years of his life in the first national park. There are many pictures of beautiful diverse things in Yellowstone: from the cutest bear cub to the prettiest hot spring.

I loved the beautiful pictures in this book that will bring back memories of my week at Yellowstone. My favorites are a fox jumping on pages 65 and a bear cub on the back cover. Stephen C. Hinch has such amazing art, his work got displayed in the Smithsonian! I interviewed him for the blog, so make sure to read it on Friday.

If you are a budding photographer and want to see how a real professional’s pictures look, you should check out this book. If you have never been to Yellowstone, this book will make you want to go!

I enjoyed this book! It gets four out of four roses!


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  1. Hi Elena, why do you think most people who visit Yellowstone only see such a small percentage of it? Do you think your family was able to see more?


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