Interview: Award-Winning Photographer Captures Beauty, Magic Of Yellowstone

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I was impressed by Stephen C. Hinch’s award-winning photographs of the popular natural attraction, Yellowstone. This photographer takes beautiful pictures of anything that he loves in Yellowstone. Inheriting his lovely talent from his late grandfather, his work has been featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.  and many books, magazines, calendars, and greeting cards. (I did a review on his book, Yellowstone Forever:  A Decade in Yellowstone National Park  on Wednesday.)

I got the pleasure to meet this man at the famous Lake Yellowstone Hotel in Wyoming at a book signing.  He agreed to an interview! Here’s what he has to say:

Question: What are your tips for kids who are into photography?

Answer: For anyone into photography, my best tip is to photograph what you love.  If you’re passionate about flowers, then photograph them, puppies, photograph them.  Your passion will show in your photos.

Q: Of all the things in Yellowstone, which is your favorite to photograph?

A: My favorite thing to photograph in Yellowstone is the wildlife.  All of it, not one animal over another, but any wild animal in Yellowstone can be a wonderful subject to photograph.

Q: Why do you love capturing wildlife through your camera?

A: I love capturing images of wildlife because I love animals.  I love being able to see animals in the wild just being themselves, going about their daily loves.  I believe it’s very important to minimize our impact on them while we watch and photograph, so using long telephoto lenses is extremely important, as is being quiet and respectful.

Q: What is the best advice your grandfather gave you?

A: Unfortunately my grandfather passed away when I was very young.  But he was passionate about photography and my mom thinks I inherited my passion from him.

Q: How does it feel to have your art displayed at important places like the Smithsonian?

A: It’s very exciting to have my work displayed in high profile places, especially when it was in the Smithsonian.  I’m very honored and humbled that people appreciate my work enough to feel it is worthy of being displayed in such wonderful places.

Q: In Yellowstone, my favorite thing to see is hot springs. What’s yours?

A: I love all things in Yellowstone; the geysers and hot springs, the flowers, mountains, lakes, etc.  But of course I love to see the animals, especially baby animals of any species.

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  1. Elena, what was your favorite of Mr. Hinch’s photographs? Did he tell you the back story behind any of the photos?


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