Guest Blog: A Girl Named Misty Teaches Kids To Proudly Follow Their Dreams

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Note from Elena Reads: My friend Savannah read this book about Misty Copeland, a professional dancer. It’s cool that it was written by the first author I ever interviewed,  Kelly Starling Lyons. Here is Savannah’s thoughts on this book about the first black female dancer in the American Ballet Theatre company’s history:
By Savannah S., age 8
A Girl Named Misty: The True Story of Misty Copeland, by Kelly Starling Lyons, is about Misty Copeland’s life, and how she became a famous dancer.  It tells the steps she took to become a very talented ballerina. Misty thought she wasn’t good enough, but she practiced a lot and she got into the American Ballet Theatre (ABT).  She eventually reached her goal to become the first African-American, female principal dancer in the company’s history!!!!  Her family was very proud of her for achieving her goal!!!
I love this book because it can show how everyone is different, but be proud of who you are.  It also shows you how you can follow your dreams. If something is hard, you just push through it and keep trying- until you reach your goal!!  When you reach your goal, you should be proud of yourself!!
The key message is to be yourself and don’t let anyone stop you from going for your dreams.
This book is for everyone!  Even Misty Copeland should read this book about herself!
I give it 4 out of 4 roses.


  1. Hello Savannah- thanks for such an enthusiastic review? I think a lot of kids sometimes think they “aren’t good enough” even when they are awesome like Misty Copeland. Do you have any advice for other kids your age who might be feeling that way?

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    1. Hi- Maybe if you see another another person who is feeling bad about themselves, you can become friends with them. Find what you are good at and keep working on it and do things you enjoy. Find people who like doing some of the same things that you like to do. Everyone is special in their own way!!

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